Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Home of the Saints


Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Reverend Augusto Villote, Pastor

Mrs. Corrine Muscat, Principal
Mrs. Sheila Ortega, Vice-Principal
Mrs. Arlene Castillo, Administrative Assistant

Kindergarten Caroline Hickey  (email)
Grade 1 Dalina Trejo  (email)
Grade 2 Kerstin Sjostrom  (email)
Grade 3 Gemma Glean  (email)
Grade 4 Casey Lazalde  (email)
Grade 5 Jaime Stella  (email)
Grade 6 Mary Tunnell  (email)
Grade 7 Sheila Ortega  (email)
Grade 8 Angelo Marquez  (email)
Computers Sandee Chan  (email)
Grace Cabangal  (email)
Teacher Aides Terry Keller
Christine Leggero
Music Cynthia Coronado
Physical Education
Rhythm and Moves Program
Counselor Barbara Sky
Secretary Arlene Castillo
Bookkeeper Julie Dwyer
Cafeteria Service Christine Leggero
Extended Care Arlene Castillo
Christina Castillo
Drama Director William Kovacich  (email)