Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Home of the Saints


Community Service Outreach Program
At OLPH School, we believe students learn about their place in the world community through participation in service and social justice activities that benefit the parish and our neighboring and global communities. Students use their talents and abilities in an effort to fulfill their potential as Catholics and active people of faith by servicing:
  • The Elderly
  • The Sick
  • The Homeless/Hungry
  • The Environment

Each class creates a partnership with a community organization and sets personal goals for growth, keeping in mind how best to serve our community and involve students as well as their families in the process.

Creating partnerships within the community assists in building the sort of citizens that will later benefit the community in which they live.

Environment: Habitat Restoration at Fort Funston

  6th Grade Learning How to Plant    6th Grade Planting Native Plants    6th Grade Planting Native Plants
   At Fort Funston    6th Grade Planting Native Plants   After a Hard Day's Work

The Elderly
  Grades 1 & 4 Singing Christmas Carols      

The Hungry
  Grade 5 at San Francisco Food Bank      

Annual Donation Drives
  Christmas Toy Drive